February 22, 2021 

Good morning, 

From now on I am asking students to log in to our google classroom. All assignments are posted there. If you need any help let me know. 


V. Laliberte

 Monday February 8, 2021

Good morning, I hope everyone is nice and warm on this super chilly day. I have posted todays assignments for you. I will be in our google meet today at 1:00. Make sure to check your new school emails, I will send the invite there a little before 1:00 and we can go over our assignments for the day together as a class. You can also find the class link in our ELA classroom. Remember to work on your video submission assignment as well. I look forward to seeing your work 605 and meeting online.


V Laliberte 

605 Teacher, Chief Taylor School

 Monday, February 1, 2021

Good morning Chief Taylor students and parents, 

Today we begin a new month of learning. Lets make the best of it. Chief Taylor School has a storytelling assignment that is being done in all grades 5-7. Speaking is a whole separate strand of ELA so we have come up with a way to make sure we are covering all strands. Today we will introduce the assignment and hopefully students will start with brainstorming ideas. I suggest a quick write, give yourself 5 minutes, a pen and paper and think about yourself and your identity as an indigenous person. What comes to your mind? Write it down. Submissions are due just before winter break and students receive credit towards their ELA marks. 


If parents or students want an emailed copy, let me know. ct.vlaliberte@gmail.com or vlaliberte@oledu.ca. We will also be helping students with creating their video submissions. More to come! 

Here is a video link to help students practice creating and uploading videos. How to Make a Video

Thank you,

V. Laliberte


Monday, January 25, 2021

Good morning and welcome to a very cold week,

Assignments are posted for the week. Do not forget that Wednesday, January 28th is grade 6's day to go to Chief Taylor School and pick up the laptops for students. Computer use contracts will need to be signed at the time and a refundable deposit will be paid. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. 

Ms. V. Laliberte (605)



Hey students, 

Exciting news!! We are getting closer to having some better access to google classroom which means we will all be able to meet as a class via the online platform Google Meets. I am looking forward to our class meetings. The following is a message from our principal. Please read and let your parents read as well. I am still available to students and parents via text or call at (306)930-0210 or email at ct.vlaliberte@gmail.com. This Friday I will be available at the school as well. 


Vikki Laliberte                                                                                                                                

605 Teacher


 Good morning Parents/Guardians,

Chief Taylor School is currently updating the Chromebooks and getting them ready to be handed out. We are starting with Division 4 students at Eagleview High School and working to our school. I will be notifying parents when they will be available for pick up. There will be a short meeting at this time, an agreement will be signed with the parents and $20 fee which will be refunded on the return of the Chromebook in June. Students will receive an email to be used for the google classroom ( on-line learning) work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school ( 306 344 4530) or my cell ( 780 870 7713) email. deb.ramsay@onionlake.ca.
Also we are looking to update your contact information. If you have new contact numbers you can email or text it to me so we can update your child's information.

Thank you
Miss D. Ramsay
Chief Taylor School Principal